Out of Pocket Expenses


  • Travelers are expected to stay in standard; single-occupancy rooms where available.
  • Room Upgrade fees are NOT reimbursable.
  • Original Hotel folio showing a $0 balance must be retained for reimbursement
  • In room movies/alcohol and gym fees are not reimbursable.

Ground Transportation

Public Transportation, Taxis and Shuttles
  • Travelers must retain original receipts for reimbursement
  • Please note the origin and destination for each receipt
  • Travelers are expected to book at the lowest fare that offers reserved seating.
  • Original ticket is required for expenses greater than $75

Meals & Incidentals

  • If a traveler chooses to not have a meal that has been paid for as part of a conference registration, the cost of another meal is NOT reimbursable.
  • Per Diem is NOT allowable
  • Alcohol is not reimbursable