Grant Managers

All Travel Authorization forms MUST be signed off by a Grant Manager. Below is a list of all the Grant Managers associated with specific PI's:

Grant Manager Principal Investigators

Rachel Boschetto


All Training Grants

Sophia Kelly-Mamousette


  • Brent Coull
  • Francesca Dominici
  • Xihong Lin
  • Marcia Testa
  • Cory Zigler

Marc Brissette


  • Brent Coull
  • Francesca Dominici
  • Xihong Lin
  • Cory Zigler

Judy Logan


  • Rebecca Betensky
  • Sebastien Haneuse
  • Nan Laird
  • Christoph Lange
  • Judith Lok

Alice Winkler


  • Curtis Huttenhower
  • Michael Hughes
  • Rafa Irizarry
  • Jukka-Pekka Onella
  • Marcello Pagano

Sue Alexander


  • Tianxi Cai
  • Victor DeGruttola
  • Jim Ware
  • LJ Wei