Now that your travel has concluded, it is time to receive reimbursement for your out of pocket expenses accrued through your Harvard Business Travel


  1. Please complete the Reimbursement Form, complete with the Harvard Business purpose and dates for your travel.
  2. Please tape any printed receipts to a piece of blank paper. DO NOT USE STAPLES.
  3. Label all receipts according to the details of the charge. (ie: To and From details of transportation, dates of stay for hotels, date and meal type for Restaurant receipts).
  4. Submit this Reimbursement Packet to a staff member, who will look it over and make sure everything is correct. They will then send it over to Accounts Payable to begin the process of cutting a check.

For your convenience, we have attached a reimbursement example to help aid you in this process.

travel_website_reimbursement_example_pdf.pdf723 KB
students_training_grant_post_docs_reimbursement_form.pdf748 KB