How to Book Airfare

  • Please contact BCD/ Harvard Travel to configure an itinerary
    • 617-496-8000)
  • The staff member that you are working with MUST be cc’d on the reservation email in order to complete booking.
  • You must email Harvard Travel back confirming that the booking information is correct before we can proceed with payment.
  • Please let Harvard Travel know we will pay by Web Voucher

Domestic Travel

  • Must be equivalent to or less than, the lowest-priced non-stop economy class airfare.

International Travel (Federally Funded)

  • You MUST book on a US Flag Carrier
  • All Exceptions must be approved BEFORE travel is booked.
  • Harvard Travel should be informed that the flight is federally funded
  • If you don’t know, just ask us before you call

International Travel (NOT federally Funded)

  • Same as above but using a US Flag Carrier is not required.